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A business leader and political outsider, Mike Schmitz is the MAYOR we need to make Bismarck better.

With nearly forty-years as a successful accountant, we can trust Mike Schmitz
to work on the best options for funding our priorities and protecting taxpayers.
Mike’s Agenda is Simple: Let’s Make Bismarck Better. Here’s How:

Advocate for financial transparency and accountability:

Mike’s exceptional understanding of finance and budgets are what we need to ask the right questions and get answers. As a leader, taxpayers will not be surprised by issues like water rate hikes. 

Lead with courage

Instead of kicking the can down the road, Mike will lead conversations about needs vs. wants in the community and prioritize spending that is financially sound. 


Create consensus when there is division

Taking Bismarck to the next level to spur economic growth requires listening to different perspectives. Mike will take the best of all the ideas and forge the best solutions. 

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